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Same text as the test post. This is some test text about this project to see where it comes out and if it is wanted. Obviously it is also possible to add images below or above this line of text in fact I will add one just so we can see what is would look like. I have deliberately used a different project. It is interesting that the text goes beyond the 640 width of the area above. I imagine if there were more widgets on the right hand side then this text would be cut off. It does not seem to be a fixed margin. Hmmm…coould be a bit tricky. The image is a bit small, I will switch it out for a larger one. Just needed to edit the size here. Seems to always put it in as a thumbnail. I have enabled it to pop up to be seen at a larger scale – Dont think I like it though.


Site on this project

This is an image of Broadlands road. A nice one with lots of light and a bit of wood. The hedge is also looking nice and leafy.