About us

Yabsley Stevens Architects was founded by Will Stevens and Sara Yabsley, who collaborated on a number of design competitions prior to forming YSA in 1998.

Our approach focuses on materiality and the use of light, the essential components needed to create the ‘spirit’ of a building. Our designs respond and relate to their surroundings. This enables us to work with – and in close proximity to – historic and listed buildings.

YSA is committed to design that respects the environment and the sustainability of our planet.

We work closely with our clients, involving them in the design process so that they understand their building as it develops. Our designs meet our clients’ objectives while responding creatively to the unique challenges and requirements of each specific project. By setting clear goals and realistic deliverables, we ensure our clients’ expectations are managed throughout the project.

YSA assembles the appropriate consultant team for each project. We demand the very best from our co-professionals to deliver buildings that perform aesthetically, functionally and economically. Read more about our approach.